2021: Come As You Are!

There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to take on challenges together with your dog in 2021.
Tackle big goals. Try new things. Overcome setbacks. Step out of your comfort zone. No matter where you're starting from, you can team up with your dog and make meaningful progress.
What will you and your dog accomplish together this year?

Start something great with your dog this year!

As life continues to throw hurdles, challenges, and setbacks at all of us, resolve to take them on as a strong and resilient team with your dog in 2021. Together, you can accomplish big goals, rise above setbacks, and enjoy the sometimes awkward, klutzy process of learning new skills. When challenges come your way, you can overcome them with patience, grace, resilience, and teamwork.

Basic Manners I and II: Skills That Every Dog Needs!

Embrace the fun, sometimes awkward process of learning brand new skills together. Even if you’ve never tried, you can train your dog at home and have fun doing it.

Drama Free Dog Walks: Real-Life Solutions for Reactivity

Take on the tough challenge of barking, lunging, and growling. Help your dog cope better and learn more positive skills. Better dog walks are on the horizon!


Calm Cool & Collected: Transform Your Jumper into a Courteous Canine

It might sound crazy, but you can teach your energetic dog to chill out while you tend to your own tasks at home: working, cooking, dining, and even video calls and workouts!

Basic Manners
Drama Free Dog Walks
Calm, Cool, & Collected

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