Basic Manners I and II: Skills That Every Dog Needs!




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Build a strong foundation of good habits and polite behavior, so your dog understands what you’re asking and can be successful anywhere! You’ll gain skills to train your dog reliably, a deeper understanding of how dogs learn, and techniques to get past common learning obstacles.

Learn how to communicate clearly and motivate your dog.

  • Build your knowledge of how dogs learn and what to do to train them efficiently.
  • Learn why we never hurt or scare dogs to train them.
  • Understand how to teach your dog to be successful, even when it’s distracting.
  • Learn how to improve your dog’s skills by systematically increase the difficulty level.

Get the support and encouragement you need with weekly lessons.

  • Start on your own schedule, watching one, in-depth video lesson per week for 11 weeks.
  • Follow along with each lesson using the downloadable Lesson Handout.
  • Between lessons, step-by-step homework sheets help you practice the skills you learned in the video tutorials.
  • Attend weekly group coaching live sessions with instructor Kevin Duggan to get training tips and help getting past obstacles. Reach out to the supportive online community in between.
  • Continue with lifetime course access to reference old lessons whenever you need to.
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Basic Manners is perfect for:

  • Dogs of any age who are starting their training journey or could benefit from strengthening their existing skills.
  • People who want their dog to get along well in their home and neighborhood.
  • People who want their dog’s skills to last, even in difficult situations.
  • People who want to learn more about how dogs learn and put that knowledge to use.

Basic Manners I

Learn how to work with your dog while training bread and butter skills in Basic Manners 1: Watch, Sit, Down, Come When Called, Polite Greetings, Leave It, Stay, Loose Leash Walking

Basic Manners II 

Strengthen your Basic Manners 1 skills with a focus on core skills for tricky situations: Watch, Stay, Come When Called, Polite Greetings, and more!

A Note From Instructors Kelly & Kevin Duggan

Our approach to training is the way of the dog. It’s training that’s in tune with the way a dog learns and at their pace. We structure our training thoroughly. We break everything down, step-by-step, to break through the human-dog communication barrier. Your dog becomes super clear about the behavior that is expected and knows it will be the most rewarding. It’s the smart route to a sociable, well-mannered dog that is a pleasure for anyone to be around.


It’s important to us, too, to share the ‘why’ of our training approach as well as the ‘how’ so that you can have confidence we’re doing the best for you and your dog for the long term. After this course, you’ll have a foundation of great skills yourself that you can apply to all the different situations, environments, and adventures you’ll encounter in your lives together.

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Course Curriculum

Basic Manners I

Module 1

  • Our approach: Why we never hurt or scare dogs to train them
  • Proactivity: How to catch your dog doing the right thing
  • Motivation: How to get your dog to want to listen
  • Clear communication: Cues that resonate 


Module 2

  • "Watch": How eye contact prevents your dog from practicing problem behaviors
  • "Sit" for lures and hand signals
  • "Down" for lures and hand signals
  • Come When Called foundation


Module 3

  • Adding verbal cues to behaviors: How to do it to ensure that your dog hears you
  • Adding distractions to behaviors
  • Come When Called away from distractions
  • Leave It: The Ultimate Behavior
  • Loose Leash Walking foundation 


 Module 4 

  • "Watch Me" (even when there are other temptations)
  • Polite Greeting: How to meet people without jumping
  • Go Say Hi: How to approach people without pulling or lunging
  • Leave It: Making it harder


Module 5 

  • Walk-Around Stays: "Even when you can't see me, I still need you to stay"
  • Hand Targeting: Using your hand as magnet to move your dog through space
  • Polite Greetings: Making it harder
  • Come When Called away from heavy distractions


Module 6 

  • Sit- and Down-Stay: Stay put, even when I move around 
  • Duration Stays: Staying  for random intervals
  • Chaining Behaviors: Getting more behavior for fewer rewards
  • Loose-Leash Walking foundation

Basic Manners II

Module 1 

  • Watch: Teaching your dog to look at you instead of doing problem behaviors.
  • Hand signals and verbals: How to introduce them so your dog doesn't blow you off.
  • Go Say Hi: Making polite greetings more realistic. 
  • "Hip" (sitting glued to  your side) for a lure.


Module 2

  • Watch: Systematically adding distraction.
  • Greet without pulling.
  • "Hip" for a hand signal.
  • Leave it walking past a distraction. 
  • Hand Targeting: Practical applications.


Module 3

  • Holding eye contact in spite of distractions. 
  • Stay with heavy distractions.
  • "Hip" for a verbal. 
  • Leave it walking past heavy distractions.
  • Loose Leash Walking foundation.
  • Come When Called away from heavy distractions. 


Module 4 

  • Watch: Holding eye contact for longer duration and heavier distractions.
  • Stay for longer duration.
  • "Hip" + heel.
  • Come When Called from far distances.


Module 5 

  • Watch: Don't break eye contact no matter what.
  • Loose Leash Walking: Thinning out the food rewards.
  • "Hip" and heel for longer durations and fewer food rewards