Meet Your Instructors for

Drama Free Dog Walks:

Real-Life Solutions for Reactivity

Welcome! Beth and Mary are dedicated to helping dogs live better lives with their families. Fitting into the human world can sometimes be confusing, stressful, or frustrating for dogs. We're here to help you understand your dog's behavior, help your dog cope, and teach them more positive choices while walking on leash.

Beth and Mary have worked together for several years providing training and behavior consultations in Colorado. We both have had our very own reactive dogs, and understand the day-to-day frustrations of those difficult dog walks.

We're here to help you and your dog with compassion and proven training methods that preserve your good relationship with your dog.  

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Mary Angilly, CTC, CPDT-KA

Mary Angilly is a behavior consultant and dog trainer living in Colorado. She is committed to force-free, evidence-based training, and streamlining the training process for dogs and their families. While she works with all aspects of dog behavior and training, she specializes in fear, reactivity, and aggression. 

Mary’s entire professional career has been dedicated to working with animals. She has a passion for helping dogs, keeping them in their homes, and improving their relationships with their humans.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biology from Northeastern University, with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis. 

Mary spent several years working as an Animal Care and Adoption Counselor, then as the Adoption Center Supervisor for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals before relocating from Boston to Boulder in 2015 to pursue her passion for dog training and behavior at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley’s Training and Behavior Center. She also worked as a veterinary technician and in animal welfare legislation for the Humane Society of the United States. Mary has worked as a Professional Behavior Responder for the ASPCA’s Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team.

In her free time, Mary enjoys climbing, skiing, running, soccer, and taking her goofy adopted mutt, Buster on hikes in beautiful Colorado!

Beth Sautins, CTC

Beth came to dog training as a mid-life career change, after adopting 2 senior coonhounds from the local shelter. After pursuing professional training help for her dogs, she caught the “training bug” and never looked back! Beth graduated with honors from The Academy for Dog Trainers, and has loved helping dogs and people live successfully together.

Beth is the Doggy Geeks University school administrator, working to make sure the school platform is running smoothly for students and instructors. As a former engineer and software developer, she feels right at home doing technical work, and is passionate about using technology to bring accessible, affordable dog training to more dog families.

Beth also works as a business coach and consultant through her business True Compass Dog Partners.  Beth loves offering empathetic support and technical know-how to support dog professionals, so they can concentrate on what they do best: working with dogs!

Beth’s favorite things are people, dogs, creativity, and technology. She loves cooking, making art, and spending time outdoors. Beth is a fan of the Oxford comma, word games, jigsaw puzzles, and every shade of purple, and she thinks being over 50 is a heckin’ good time! After saying good-bye to her senior coonhounds last year, whom she misses greatly, she and her spouse Andy recently welcomed a new dog to the family: Iris, a 5-year old Treeing Walker Coonhound. Iris jumped right out of the shelter, and directly onto the sofa, and the whole family is enjoying getting to know each other.

Our Training Philosophy

Doggy Geeks University is proud to offer smart and compassionate learning for dogs and people. Our training methods are based on proven techniques backed by principles of animal learning and behavior. We use and recommend rewards-based, force-free training. We never use or recommend the use of force, pain, or fear to teach dogs. Our methods preserve and improve the canine-human bond. 


We train with efficiency, proven techniques, & compassion.

We use our smarts to help dogs learn. Our proven techniques have worked on thousands of dogs. We know that you probably don't want to be a professional dog trainer. Our efficient methods and time-saving techniques will help both you and your dog build good training habits that fit into your busy lifestyle. 

We train with rewards & positive reinforcement.

We teach dogs what we want them to do, and pay them for doing what we ask. Yes, that means food rewards! Instead of reacting to bad behavior and getting frustrated, we can set our dogs up for success by preventing unwanted behavior while teaching our dogs a different way. 

Our compassion and support extends to human learners, too! We are here to support you, and help you through training obstacles. 

We are transparent about our training methods & equipment.

We know it's important to trust that your dog's education and welfare are in the right hands. We are proud to use rewards to train dogs. 

We never recommend using shock, prong, or chain collars, shake cans, or squirt bottles. We are happy to recommend harnesses and head collars that work in conjunction with rewards-based training.