Calm, Cool, & Collected: Transform Your Pestering Jumper into a Courteous Canine




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Calm, Cool, and Collected teaches you everything you need to train your dog to be polite around family and friends! No more jumping at the front door or pestering you or your guests around the house.

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Master the skills you need to help your busy dog settle down.

  • Teach your dog to stand or sit politely for greetings, even if nothing else has worked.
  • Teach your dog to relax on a mat while you eat, socialize, watch TV, and work from home.
  • Understand what makes your dog jump and pester and how to stop accidentally rewarding your dog with attention.
  • Learn easy ways to meet their seemingly gargantuan social and exercise needs.

Feel empowered to take charge of your dog’s training and help them build good habits!

  • Concise, engaging, and practical video lessons and clear, step-by-step, downloadable training plans.
  • Downloadable progress trackers and clear guidance on making the training harder gradually to help you achieve goals that might seem impossible.
  • Structured, step-by-step course curriculum to keep you encouraged and accountable.
  • Lifetime course access to progress at the right pace for you and your dog and reference old lessons whenever you need to.
  • A supportive online community of other pet owners and the course instructor so you can share progress and ask questions.
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Calm Cool and Collected is perfect for:

  • Active and excitable dogs who jump, pester, or never seem to settle down.
  • People who have tried everything but their dog still jumps and pesters.
  • People who avoid having guests over because of their dog’s rude behavior.
  • People and dogs at any point in there training journey, whether your dog knows any 

A Note From Instructor Kristi Benson

Hi! I'm Kristi, your course instructor. I share my small farmhouse with six former sled dogs and a very bouncy spaniel. That’s…a lot of dog! Living up close and personal with so many sled dogs and in such close quarters, I've become an expert at handling the dogs+guests scenario. With my crew, this means a lot of organization. We make plans to ensure the dogs are tired and fed before the guests arrive, as much as possible. We plot out who will go where and for how long.

In addition to mastering this particular ballet, I've been able to help my amazing clients, who share their homes with numerous other breeds and types (cutie pies, all of them): pit bulls, little tiny curly-haired pumpkins, German Shepherd Dogs, and—who could forget—the Labradors, who seem to share a love of pulling on leash with sled dogs, but unlike sleddies, they seem to jump up. And up. And up. And up. 

If you have a dog who pesters and jumps in gleeful dog-like abandon, this is the course for you. Calm, Cool, and Collected is just about the most diametrically opposed to the dog who jumps on guests and can't settle down no matter what or when or why. In this course, we'll teach your dog to do something else instead of pestering, and something else instead of jumping. And we'll give you the skills to easily plan for and manage guests in your home, with your dog. And our promise to you: we will do so without harming your dog, your relationship, or your dog's gleeful personality.  

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