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Drama Free Dog Walks: Real-Life Solutions for Reactivity



Does your dog pull, lunge, bark, or growl when seeing dogs or other distractions? In Drama-Free Dog Walks, you will learn how to manage your dog's walks, help them cope with stressors, and teach them new, healthy habits.

Recall For A Meatball: Teach Your Dog to Come When Called


Keep your dog safe with a solid recall  when they're off-leash, whether on a planned excursion or in an emergency when your dog unexpectedly runs out the front door. Build a rock-solid recall from the ground up with proven methods.

Fresh and Fearless: Basic Grooming Made Easy



Fresh and Fearless will help you make basic grooming fun and easy for you and your dog. Whether you are just starting out with a new puppy or have an adult dog with a long history of dreading nail trims, this course will make grooming fun and simple.

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Understanding & Supporting Your Fearful Pet

 $180 for the series

or $35 for each individual webinar

This 6-part webinar series aims to deepen your understanding of your fearful dog or cat, and how to better support them.


Team Teen: Support and Strategy for Living with Teenage Dogs


Team Teen is here to support you and your dog with management, training, enrichment, and exercise strategies for living your best possible life with your teenage dog during this often challenging time.

Healthy Smiles: At-Home Dental Care for Dogs and Cats


Healthy Smiles will give you the skills and support you need to teach your dog or cat to enjoy toothbrushing for a healthier life and fewer trips to the vet for dental care. Learn all about oral health for dogs and cats.

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