Drama Free Dog Walks: Real-Life Solutions for Reactivity

Instructors: Beth Sautins and Mary Angilly 

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Does your dog pull, lunge, bark, or growl when seeing dogs or other distractions? In Drama-Free Dog Walks, you will learn how to manage your dog's walks, help them cope with stressors, and teach them new, healthy habits.

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The skills you need to help your dog cope better on walks and make positive choices.

  • Understand why your dog is behaving this way.
  • Learn how to better read your dog's body language to predict and manage their behavior. 
  • Master essential skills to make walks better right away and set a strong foundation for future training.
  • Develop a variety of skills to combat barking, growling, and lunging on leash.
  • Build on your progress to help your dog make positive choices in tough situations. 

What's Included in the Course?

Video Lessons and Training Demos

Concise, engaging, and practical video lessons and training demonstration videos will help you understand more about your dog's behavior.

Training Handouts and Homework Assignments

Clear, step-by-step, downloadable training plans, handouts, and homework.

Structured Course Curriculum

Structured, step-by-step course curriculum will make learning easy. Quizzes and email check-ins will help you stay encouraged and accountable.

Instructor Support

We are here to help you! Any time you have questions, you'll be able to email us to get answers and encouragement.

Extra Information About Dog Behavior

Understanding your dog's behavior will help with reactivity and other behavior issues.

Lifetime Course Access

Lifetime course access to progress at the right pace for you and your dog and reference old lessons whenever you need to.

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Drama Free Dog Walks is perfect for:

  • Dogs who bark, lunge, or growl when seeing dogs, people, critters, or moving objects while on walks, no matter the reason for their behavior.
  • People who dread walks and feel like they have a PR nightmare every time they go out.
  • Dogs and people at any stage of their training journey, whether this is their first training or they have tried other classes and struggled to translate their skills to the real world.

Dreading Your Dog Walks?

Learn 3 Simple Strategies to Ditch The Drama and Start Enjoying Your Dog Again!


A Note From Instructor Mary Angilly

Hi, I'm Mary! I’m a dog training and behavior consultant who specializes in fear, reactivity, and aggression. Before moving out to Colorado, I previously lived in Boston, MA and shared my home with a reactive dog of my own. I remember what it was like to duck behind cars or bushes when I saw someone with a dog walking by or how I would walk my dog in the middle of the night because there wouldn’t be any skateboarders out at that time!

If you have a dog who is reactive on leash it can be frustrating, stressful, and embarrassing, but it doesn’t have to be! Not only can we teach your dog behaviors that are incompatible with barking, lunging, and growling, but we can achieve these results with force-free methods, making sure you feel good about how you get there. And we’ll also be with you every step of the way to help with questions as they come up.

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Course Curriculum

1: Getting Started

1.1 Welcome!
1.2 Course Layout and What to Expect
1.3 Why Is My Dog Doing This?!
1.4 Gear Up For Success
1.5 Leash Handling
1.6 Management: Avoiding Trouble on Walks
1.7 The U-Turn Skill: Getting out of Sticky Situations
1.8 Overview of the Long-Term Plan

2: The Fundamentals

2.1 How Dogs Learn
2.2 Teaching Your Dog a New Way
2.3 Reading Your Dog's Body Language

3: Learning New Associations

3.1 Learning New Associations: The Treat Party Game
3.2 Lure Walking: The Treat Party Game on the Move
3.3 Enrichment: When It's Too Tough to Walk the Dog

4: Learning New Skills

4.1 Set Up for Success! Training Sessions
4.2 Skill: Focus and Attention

5: Learning New Skills Part Two

5.1 Skill: Hand Target
5.2 Practice Walk with Focus and Hand Target

6: Making Progress With Distractions

6.1 Assignment: Trigger List & Observation Walks
6.2 Assessment: Observation Walk
6.3 Refining Your Observations
6.4 The Ups and Downs of Training

7: Continuing Progress with Distractions

7.1 Assignment: Putting It All Together
7.2 Continuing Progress: Increasing Level of Difficulty
7.3 Stages of Learning: Solidifying and Maintaining Behavior Change
7.4 Wrapping Things Up

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The Drama Free Dog Jump Start course is for dogs who pull, lunge, bark, or growl when seeing dogs or other distractions on walks. You’ll learn skills and techniques to make your walks less stressful for everyone right away and to build a solid foundation for future training.

Learn new skills to help your reactive dog.

  • Why your dog is acting this way.
  • The best equipment for dog walks.
  • How to better read your dog's body language.
  • Important skills for managing potential reactions on walks.
  • What to do when it's too tough to walk the dog.
  • The first and most important step for helping your reactive dog: teaching your dog to associate their triggers with something more positive.

Upgrade to the full Drama Free Dog course at any time.

  • Start with this core skill set to reduce stress on walks now.
  • Get to know our instructors and teaching methods.
  • Continue on your training journey when you are ready.
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