Fresh and Fearless: Basic Grooming Made Easy

Instructor: Jane Wolff

This is a self-paced course with support from the instructor and fellow student community.


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Fresh and Fearless will help you make basic grooming fun and easy for you and your dog. Whether you are just starting out with a new puppy or have an adult dog with a long history of dreading nail trims, this course will make grooming fun and simple.

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The knowledge and skills you need to teach your dog to cooperate happily with grooming at home.

  • Teach your dog to be comfortable with grooming implements
  • Help your dog get comfortable holding still and voluntarily participate in grooming activities.
  • Learn to break grooming procedures into achievable steps and work up to the end goal.
  • Never again have to wrestle or restrain your dog for nail trims, baths, and brushing!

See the full curriculum below!

Feel empowered to take charge of your dog’s training and help them build good habits!

  • Concise, engaging, and practical video lessons and clear, step-by-step, downloadable training plans.
  • Structured, step-by-step course curriculum to keep you encouraged and accountable.
  • Lifetime course access to progress at the right pace for you and your dog and reference old lessons whenever you need to.
  • A supportive online community of other pet owners and the course instructor so you can share progress and ask questions.
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Fresh and Fearless is perfect for:

  • Puppies and Adult dogs
  • Dogs who are new to grooming at home
  • Dogs who are scared of grooming
  • Anyone who wants their dog to happily cooperate with nail trims, baths, and brushing

Are Your Dog's Nails Getting Long?

Teach your dog to use a scratchboard to keep their nails trimmed, and take your time training them to love nail clipping.




A Note From Instructor Jane Wolff


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Hello, I'm Jane! I’m a certified trainer with a passion for making handling easy for dogs and owners. My dog, Nina (you’ll see a lot of her in this course!), has a long history of being terrified and sometimes aggressive during even the most basic of care. Baths, nails trims and veterinary care were really a struggle for her and progress was slow and frustrating at times. I was full of anxiety each time her nails got long. If she got muddy on a walk I basically threw my hands up and accepted that my furniture would be a mess later.

Thankfully, Nina now happily participates in all of her grooming care and I actually look forward to trimming her nails and giving her baths. Helping you make basic grooming easy and fun brings me so much joy because reducing the day to day stress of having to worry about nails, baths or matted fur gives you more time to enjoy your dog!

Throughout this course I’ll teach you how to help your dog love being spruced up — whether you have a new dog or puppy or your dog has always struggled with basic grooming.

Read more about Jane HERE.

Course Curriculum

1.1 Welcome and Introduce Yourself!
1.2 FAQ’s and What to Expect
1.3 Why is grooming hard for my dog?
1.4 The Importance of Cooperative and Fearless Grooming
1.5 Keeping Your Dog Looking Good While You Train

Getting Started
2.1 Body Language
2.2 Teaching Your Dog to LOVE Seeing the Nail Clippers!
2.3 Classical Conditioning and Desensitization 101
2.4 How We Train New Behaviors

Nail Trims
3.1 Overview of Nail Trimming
3.2 Teaching "On Your Side"
3.3 Handling for Nail Trims and Dremeling
3.4 Clipping Nails

Nail Dremeling (Optional)
3.5 Overview of Dremeling Nails
3.6 Dremeling Steps 1-4
3.7 Dremeling Steps 5-7

4.1 Overview of Baths
4.2 Baths Steps 1-5: Getting Comfortable in the Tub
4.3 Baths Steps 6 & 7: Turning on the Water
4.4 Bath Steps 8-13: Rinsing and Washing

5.1 Overview of Brushing
5.2 Steps 1-6: Getting dogs comfortable being brushed
5.3 Steps 7 and 8: Brushing Legs
5.4 Step 9: Brushing around the neck
5.5 Step 10: Brushing the chest
5.6 Step 11: Brushing the belly
5.7 Putting It All Together!

Chin Rest
6.1 Overview of the Chin Rest
6.2 Using the Chin Rest for Grooming and Healthcare

Bonus: Scratchboard
7.1 Teaching Your Dog to Use a Scratchboard for Nail Trimming