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Healthy Smiles: At-Home Dental Care for Dogs and Cats


The Professional Guide to enhancing your pet's dental health!

Teach your dog or cat to enjoy toothbrushing, for a healthier life and fewer trips to the vet for dental care.


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In Healthy Smiles you'll learn:


Why Your Pet's Oral Health Is So Important

Learn how your pet's oral health affects their overall health and well-being. Find out which pets are at higher risk, and the current recommendations on home care.


Learn Step-by-Step How to Teach Your Pet to Love Toothbrushing

We'll take your through the process from start to finish! Video lessons and a detailed plan and downloadable checklist will make brushing time easy and enjoyable for both you and your pet. 


Learn from Professionals About What Dental Products Work Best

Get detailed information about the pet dental products available, which ones you should use, and what to avoid. 

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You + Healthy Smiles = Everything you need to enhance your pet's dental health!

Did your veterinarian recommend toothbrushing for your pet? Or maybe your pet just went through a dental cleaning or had to have teeth extracted.

Or maybe you've heard that toothbrushing is key for overall health.

Either way, this course has you covered. Get started today!

Pet Toothbrushing: You Can Make it Happen!

  • You'll feel good knowing you're contributing to your pet's overall health by keeping up with their oral care at home.
  • You'll feel confident you're using the tools and techniques recommend by veterinary dental experts.
  • Your pet won't run the other way when you get out the toothbrush!

A Note From Dr. Rachel...

Hi! I'm Rachel. I'm a small animal veterinarian in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, CA, with my family and my dog Mamacita-- that's her with me in the photo!

I am passionate about quality dental care in dogs and cats. 80% or more of my patients have some level of dental or periodontal disease, and it's my goal to reduce that number! I routinely recommend that my patients have their teeth brushed on a daily basis, but I find that it can be a little overwhelming for their people. My studies at the Academy for Dog Trainers and participation in their Husbandry Project inspired me to make this course to help my clients (and you!) achieve their dental hygiene goals with their pets. 

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  • Learning in a supportive online community, where you can connect with other pet owners and get help from the course instructor.

  • Having clear, specific steps to take, tips and tricks to maximize your success, and help troubleshooting obstacles.

  • A structured, step-by-step course to help keep you accountable and encourage you from start to finish.

What's Included

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#1- Pet Dental Health 101

This overview of pet dental health will help you understand why taking good care of your pet's teeth is so important. Get detailed information about the pet dental products available, which ones you should use, and what to avoid.

#2- Video Interview with the Pros

Your instructor Dr. Rachel Szumel sits down with Dr. Milinda Lommer, veterinary dental specialist, discussing the importance of home care and her specific recommendations.

#3- Learn Step-by-Step with videos and downloadable plans for training.

A step-by-step training plan, with video demonstration and downloadable checklist, to make brushing time easy and enjoyable for both you and your pet. 

The Result? 


A healthier life for your dog, and maybe some doggy or kitty kisses!

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • Your pet just had a dental cleaning and you want to keep up with home dental care.
  • You want to keep your pet's teeth healthy at home.
  • You have a new puppy and you want to start them off right with toothbrushing.
  • You don't want your pet to need extensive dental work in the future.
  • Fresh breath!
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Wait, what's included again?


Learn Safely At Home with Your Pet

Progress through the course lessons at your pace (and your pet's!). Feel free to watch the video lessons as much as you need to perfect your toothbrushing technique


Support from Students and Instructors

Share your progress, ask questions, and learn in a supportive online community. 


Downloadable Instructions

You'l be able to download and follow the step-by-step training plans. Use them on your phone or print them for your convenience.


Enroll Now!
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