February is Pet Dental Health Month!

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Healthy Smiles: At-Home Dental Care for Dogs and Cats




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Healthy Smiles will give you the skills and support you need to teach your dog or cat to enjoy toothbrushing for a healthier life and fewer trips to the vet for dental care.

A dental-expert veterinarian and certified trainer will teach you:

  • How your pet's oral health affects their overall health and well-being and why home dental care is so important.
  • How to teach your dog or cat to love toothbrushing so it’s an easy and enjoyable time for both of you.
  • The latest recommendations on home dental care and which dental products on the market work best and which ones to avoid.

Feel empowered to take charge of your dog’s training and help them build good habits!

  • Concise, engaging, and practical video lessons and clear, step-by-step, downloadable training plans.
  • Tricks to make progress faster and help troubleshooting obstacles.
  • Lifetime course access to progress at the right pace for you and your dog and reference old lessons whenever you need to.
  • A supportive online community of other pet owners and the course instructor so you can share progress and ask questions.
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Healthy Smiles is perfect for:

  • People who know that toothbrushing is key for their pet’s overall health and want to keep their pet’s smile healthy at home.
  • Dogs and cats who find toothbrushing stressful or scary.
  • Dogs and cats who have no experience with toothbrushing and want to get off on the right foot.
  • Dogs and cats who just had a dental cleaning or tooth extraction and want to maintain their healthy smile at home.

A Note From Instructor Rachel Szumel

Hi! I'm Rachel. I'm a small animal veterinarian in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, CA, with my family and my dog Mamacita-- that's her with me in the photo!

I am passionate about quality dental care in dogs and cats. 80% or more of my patients have some level of dental or periodontal disease, and it's my goal to reduce that number! I routinely recommend that my patients have their teeth brushed on a daily basis, but I find that it can be a little overwhelming for their people. My studies at the Academy for Dog Trainers and participation in their Husbandry Project inspired me to make this course to help my clients (and you!) achieve their dental hygiene goals with their pets.

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