Meet Jane Wolff:


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Fresh and Fearless: Basic Grooming Made Easy

Jane is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) and a Certified Trainer and Counselor (CTC) through the Academy For Dog Trainers where she was an honors graduate. She is also a Fear Free Certified Professional. She lives in Southeast Michigan with her wife (who is also a trainer) and together they run Good Wolff, a training company in Washtenaw County offering in-person and remote training. They have four dogs, all of which were adopted from area shelters. She uses humane, field-tested, science-based methods for dog training and behavior modification and has a firm understanding of how to counsel and coach dog owners.

Jane’s interest in training was really sparked after she adopted her second dog, Nina. Nina had a host of issues including separation anxiety and was aggressive during any handling. In the beginning, Nina would become uncomfortable with the most simple tasks including changing her collar, giving her regular flea medication and any grooming or veterinary task. Nowadays Nina is happy to have her nails trimmed, get baths and enjoys visits with her veterinarian. 

Jane works primarily with separation anxiety but loves to help owners with fearful or anxious dogs whenever possible, particularly with body handling. Jane loves helping her clients through stressful and sometimes complex behavior issues while keeping it fun and easy.

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Our Training Philosophy

Doggy Geeks University is proud to offer smart and compassionate learning for dogs and people. Our training methods are based on proven techniques backed by principles of animal learning and behavior. We use and recommend rewards-based, force-free training. We never use or recommend the use of force, pain, or fear to teach dogs. Our methods preserve and improve the canine-human bond. 

We train with efficiency, proven techniques, & compassion.

We use our smarts to help dogs learn. Our proven techniques have worked on thousands of dogs. We know that you probably don't want to be a professional dog trainer. Our efficient methods and time-saving techniques will help both you and your dog build good training habits that fit into your busy lifestyle. 

We train with rewards & positive reinforcement.

We teach dogs what we want them to do, and pay them for doing what we ask. Yes, that means food rewards! Instead of reacting to bad behavior and getting frustrated, we can set our dogs up for success by preventing unwanted behavior while teaching our dogs a different way. 

Our compassion and support extends to human learners, too! We are here to support you, and help you through training obstacles. 

We are transparent about our training methods & equipment.

We know it's important to trust that your dog's education and welfare are in the right hands. We are proud to use rewards to train dogs. 

We never recommend using shock, prong, or chain collars, shake cans, or squirt bottles. We are happy to recommend harnesses and head collars that work in conjunction with rewards-based training.