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Where do you refer people that you can't take on as clients? Maybe they're outside of your service area, or you are booking out too far in advance to help them with urgent needs, or perhaps they can't afford private training. 

Our courses are based on force-free, rewards-based methods that have been proven to work on thousands of dogs across the world. Courses take students through step-by-step plans, and include support from fellow students and instructors.

When you refer to Doggy Geeks University, you can be assured that your clients are getting access to trainer-instructors that are:

  • Professional, Certified, and Experienced
  • Force-free/Rewards-Based
  • Compassionate and Supportive

You'll be able preview our courses for free, so you are comfortable recommending them.

Save Time and Earn More by Combining Our Courses with Your Private Offerings

Offering a self-paced, online course on our platform doesn't mean you're giving away potential income. Here are some scenarios that could work well with your private training business:

  • You can refer out certain clients or case types, in order to spend more time on your training specialty.
  • Refer clients to courses when you're booked our far in advance, or need to plan a vacation.
  • Get a client started with a self-paced course, and then schedule private sessions with them after a few weeks.
  • Create a package for your clients that includes a self-paced course and private sessions.
  • Create a virtual group class by pairing our self-paced courses with your live webinars, live office hours, email support, and your private training support.


Promote Force Free Training Methods, Join our Community, and Earn Commissions

We all get frustrated seeing Youtube videos, advertisements, and local trainers promoting the use of aversives in dog training. And it's hard for each of us to make an impact working by ourselves at the local level. Help us build a powerful platform aimed at dog owners, that offers the best information, and step-by-step, affordable learning options.

Once you sign up, you'll have access to our online community where we can brainstorm ways that we all can promote force free training and offer local and online clients real solutions for behavior issues.

And yes, you'll earn a commission on every course that your promote to clients. You'll use a special link to send people to our courses, and earn a commission on every sign-up. 

How The Program Works

  1. Apply for the Affiliate Program using the form below.
  2. After you're approved, you'll be able to set up your Affiliate account and get links you can use to share with clients and friends. When someone signs up with your affiliate link, you'll earn a commission! Commissions range from 5-10% of the price of the course.
  3. You'll be able to join our private Affiliate Community on the Doggy Geeks University platform, to share ideas with other professionals, and help guide the future of Doggy Geeks University.

Apply for Our Affiliate Program

Our program is currently open to professional dog trainers and veterinary professionals.  

Once you are approved and join the program, you will need to link up a Paypal account in order to receive your commissions. Doggy Geeks University uses Thrivecart to administer the affiliate program. We do not have access to your login information for Thrivecart or Paypal. That information remains private to you.