Team Teen: Support and Strategy for Living with Teenage Dogs

Instructor: Lizzy Flanagan

Details: 5-week class with live virtual sessions

Class starts Thursday, Oct 21 at 7 pm Eastern


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If you’re struggling with your teenage dog’s behavior-- the bad decisions they make, the training they seem to have forgotten-- you’ve landed in the right spot.

Team Teen is here to support you and your dog with management, training, enrichment, and exercise strategies for living your best possible life with your teenage dog during this often challenging time.

The information you need to help you and your dog manage the challenges of adolescence.

  • Understand your dog's developmental changes.
  • Learn about continuing your socialization efforts to help your dog solidify their real-world skills.
  • Embrace management and enrichment techniques to prevent unwanted behavior.
  • Get help prioritizing training and behavior priorities.
  • Learn easy tips and tricks that will make life with your teenager easier.


What's Included in the Course?

Live Weekly Lessons 

Join instructor Lizzy Flanagan every week to learn more about dog behavior and coping strategies for you and your dog.

Handouts and Homework Assignments

Helpful handouts and homework will help you stay accountable every week and solidify your learning.


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Community and Instructor Support

A supportive online community of dog guardians & the course instructor so you can share progress & ask questions.

Lifetime Course Access

Lifetime access to course materials, so you can reference lessons whenever you need to.

Team Teen is perfect for:

  • Anyone with a "teenage" dog -- 6 months to 2+ years
  • People who are wondering "What happened to my sweet little puppy?!"
  • Those who want to manage teenage dog behavior while enhancing their relationship with their dog.
  • People who would benefit from empathy, expertise, and some much-needed humor about living with a teenage dog!